Progress on the new SFC continues. Added a new plugin to it this morning: Photos. It’s a simple little plugin, and not pretty yet, but it does work. 🙂

Here’s a couple of example screenshots:

Facebook Images

The selection screen (not pretty, but functional)

Example of the result

Example of the result

The plugin itself turns out actually to be quite simple. It turns out that adding to the media tabs is fairly straightforward with the existing WordPress functionality, and making links that insert things into the post code is not nearly as difficult as I thought it might be.

You can use the SFC beta version if you like. There’s a copy in the WordPress SVN directories. However, it’s buggy and unfinished and doesn’t have all the same functionality. But most of it works okay. Still needs polish before releasing it.

Note that all development on the old SFC 0.25 has ceased. I’m not making any further patches to it. If you want to upgrade now to the 0.999 beta version, feel free. Also, patches welcome.



  1. Looks interesting… BTW, is there any estimate about when to expect the final version of SFC 1.0 (I want it mainly because I would like to use the xfbml version of FB Like / Send)?

    Thanks for a great plugin!

  2. Thanks Otto! The .999 version has been working well for me so far! I’ll be trying this one out shortly!

  3. ‘Vaguely’ related question to the sfc photo plugin:

    Asking only because this is the first time I have seen the media manager pulling data from a source other than the wp folder. Well there was the php stream wrapper gsoc project from last year, but that was only part 1, so it doesn’t work yet. (really to bad on that one would have been an amazing addon)

    Anyhow, I am curious if the same concept could be used to pull images from my dropbox public images folder. Or if you have seen anyone doing this before.

  4. […] has been hard at work on Simple Facebook Connect (SFC) 1.0. It needs upgraded to be compatible with new stuff on the FaceBook end. Plus we’re […]

  5. So happy to see this progress. This is one of the most essential portions I have needed. I would love to see the ability to pull pics from a fan page. Keep up the great work. Beers incoming.

  6. Hi Otto,

    How do I install the 0.999 version? Sorry if its a stupid question!


  7. As always, amazing Otto!

    Right now I’m using Facebook Page Photo Gallery to pull in Facebook galleries. I absolutely love it. Is there a chance that you might think about integrating that functionality into your plugin? Loading up multiple Facebook plugins always worries me about future compatibility problems.

    Do you accept code submissions if I try to add it in myself?

  8. Hello Otto, there is the possibility to put a FB Like Button in every single comment? I’d like to read the text of the comment on the Facebook wall, with the title of the post, the relative image and the link Thank you very much

  9. Hello otto, I have a good suggestion. Could you create a module to auto share comments to facebook and twitter?. I mean like this. Check this screenshot. I took this shot in huffingtonpost. I guess it would be awesome if our plugin has that feature. 🙂 Or is it already available in our plugin? Am i missing something? Thanks

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