Facebook is getting rid of Application Profile Pages, and allowing people who are using them to transfer their subscribers to normal Fan Pages. SFC will be changing soon to adapt to this change, but the existing Fan Page support in SFC works fine and can be used right now.

I’ve tested out this migration process on one of my pages, and it works fine. Here’s what you have to do to make it work with SFC if you were not using a Fan Page already (note, if you were using a Fan Page already, then you’re done and must change nothing at all).

1. Create a new Fan Page in the Brands/Product -> App category.

2. Give it the same name as your App (exactly the same, mind you).

3. Set up the new fan page however you like. Take its ID number and put that into SFC, then use the Manual publisher to fill out the wall with some of the older posts (the wall content will NOT be migrated when you do the migration).

4. When you visit your app’s wall, you’ll get the migration message (eventually). You can use this to migrate all the people who have liked your application to having liked the new Fan Page. If you used a vanity URL, this will transfer also *if* you don’t put a vanity URL on the Fan Page.

After you’ve migrated the likes and changed SFC to be publishing to the Page, you can continue on as normal. Nothing else about SFC changes. Since Facebook will be eliminating App Profile Walls entirely in February, I’ll be removing support for them from SFC entirely before then. Expect that change to be in SFC 1.3.



  1. Hi! Maybe this is not the right place to ask you… but I see that you have a way to post a comment on your blog using a Google account.

    Do you have another plugin for that?

  2. Hello Otto

    I have installed SFC on my website and have ticked for it show on register and log in and I do not see them.I am using buddypress Register page and login widget in sidebar is there anyway I can add facebook register on page and a login in sidebar.

    Govindji Patel

  3. Otto:

    About three or four weeks ago, I noticed that SFC can connect / login to Facebook, but when I go press the buttons to post to our Facebook account (publish to Facebook Application and publish to your Facebook profile)the SFC goes into a posting mode showing the rotating wait icon, and nothing happens. SFC never makes it to our Facebook account where we get to finish the post to the wall and profile.

    What has happened? We use SFC on four (4) different web sites and they all now malfunction this way.

    Please advise.



  4. Hi Otto,
    can you pls. have a look on my site: http://www.forzacatania46.com
    when i click on FB in the sidebar i see the url:
    i think i do some thing wrong because must be:
    i make an other page with same name and Product/App category to migrate, but is says: You are not the admin of any eligible Facebook Pages.
    how to do to correct the name in the existing page
    many thanks

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