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I updated Simple Twitter Connect to version 0.4. New stuff:

Login message

The Login plugin now correctly displays an error message when somebody attempts to login as a user that isn’t recognized yet. This should prevent confusion about why “login doesn’t work” after activating the plugin.

Tweetmeme button

New Tweetmeme button plugin added. STC was already perfectly compatible with the existing TweetMeme plugins, but for completeness (and because it was easy), I added this. It’s much like the SFC Share plugin, really.

Note: In the future, an actual STC Share plugin will be created, which will send tweets directly from your own Twitter Application, instead of through TweetMeme. That will be a sorta replacement for this, in that it will have the same basic functionality.

Shortlink support (or lack thereof)

I made the plugin give more information about shortlinks and how they work. Basically, I’m not going to support shortlinks directly. There’s just too many of them. Instead, I have put in support for generic shortlink plugins. The idea here is that anybody can make a plugin to do some form of shortlink support, and this plugin can then use it automatically.

How this idea works:
1. A shortlink plugin author implements this function: “get_shortlink($post_id)”.
2. That’s it. Do that and the plugin will use it.

Any plugin author creating a shortlink plugin should be able to easily do this. In fact, one already has. If you use the Stats plugin, then you automatically get “” style shortlinks. STC will use them because they implement this function in a pluggable way.

This is also the best solution for people who prefer to implement their own shortlinks in some custom manner. All they need to do is to create a get_shortlink function that returns the shortlink string, and voila, it’ll be used.

So, there you go. Enjoy.