Simple Facebook Connect

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Plugin: Simple Facebook Connect
Version: 1.5
Last updated: 135 days ago.
Downloaded: 606,235 times.


Facebook Connect is somewhat difficult to integrate with WordPress sites. Many plugins exist to do this, but they are overly complicated, or have security problems, or just plain don’t do the things you want them to do.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

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WordPress 2.9 or higher. Yes, this plugin is for WordPress 2.9, which has not been released as of this writing. Some pieces might work on 2.8, but some won’t.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Modular. Only use the pieces you want to use.
  • Integrates easily into any theme.
  • Simple control panel, only has the options you need for the pieces you activate.
  • Secure. Uses the latest WordPress coding techniques to eliminate tricky security problems.

Current sub-modules

  • Comment using Facebook Identity (with FB avatar support)
  • Automatically Publish new posts to Facebook Profile
  • Manually Publish posts to FB Profile or Applicaton/Fan Page
  • Login with your Facebook credentials
  • New user registration with Facebook credentials
  • Share button and Shortcode
  • Connect Button Widget and Shortcode
  • User Status Widget and Shortcode
  • Live Stream Widget and Shortcode
  • Bookmark Widget and Shortcode
  • Find us on Facebook button Widget and Shortcode
  • Fan Box Widget
  • Fan Count Chicklet and Widget

Future sub-modules

  • Pull comments back from Facebook published posts into your site
  • (whatever you like, send me suggestions!)

Installation Instructions

  1. Upload the files to the `/wp-content/plugins/simple-facebook-connect/` directory.
  2. Activate the “Simple Facebook Connect” plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Configure Facebook Connect for your site by following the instructions on the Settings screen.
  4. Activate the sub plugins you want to use through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress and configure them appropriately. Some require no configuration at all, some require minor theme changes.


This plugin is licensed under the GPL Version 2 only.

Method to get support

You can email me directly, however I am also a moderator at the support forums, so you’ll find me there as well.

Special note about the comments plugin

So many people ask me this question that I’m now sick of answering it. I’m going to put the answer here, and it’s also in the readme.txt file that comes with the plugin. In the future, if you ask me this question, you will not get a response.

To make the SFC-Comments plugin work (on older themes), you need to edit your comments form. This is probably in your theme’s comments.php file.


  1. Find the three inputs for the author, email, and url information. They need to have those ID’s on the inputs (author, email, url). This is what the default theme and all standardized themes use, but some may be slightly different. You’ll have to alter them to have these ID’s in that case.
  2. Just before the first input, add this code:
    <div id="comment-user-details">
    <?php do_action('alt_comment_login'); ?>
  3. Just below the last input (not the comment text area, just the name/email/url inputs), add this:

That will add the necessary pieces to allow the script to work.

Note: Newer themes that use the comments_form() function don’t have to add any code added to them at all. The plugin automatically handles that case.

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After 3500 comments on this page, I’ve figured out that supporting the plugin here isn’t working well. So I’m moving support to the support forums. I monitor these regularly anyway, and it’s a better way to do this sort of thing.

If you need help, write a new post there. You can use this link to leave a comment specific to the plugin, and I’ll get notified when you do so.


  1. Hi Otto,

    Most of the time when I am trying to publish my post to my Fan Page, i’m getting an error message and the statement, “try again later” after i’m redirected to Facebook. Was wondering if you know what is causing this disconnect. Last night I got the same thing but after I left the message here and went back, it worked. I’m hoping that this is not the norm. Thanks for any help/explanation you can provide.


    • Sure, here’s the explanation: Facebook sucks.

      Seriously, that’s just Facebook being Facebook. When they’re broken, then they’re broken, and nobody else can do a damn thing about it. I can’t fix problems on their end. All I can do is to implement their API. When their API fails to work, then that’s on them.

      If you use Facebook, you learn to deal with this sort of thing as a matter of course. Their services *suck rocks*. They break frequently. It’s sad, really. I know some of their engineers. They’re good people, but they have a really terrible, terrible record for making things work.

    • So, what have had happened?
      It is only on my laptop. IOcan get in from the library computers.
      Let me know.
      I have went back for a couple of months. did not help.
      Tahnk you. andre

  2. Hi Otto.

    Sometime the ‘Like’ (xfbml) button unclickable.

    • I’ve been reinstall the plugin , try new app id. and still some “Like” unclickable. can you tell me whats the problems?

      • yap i’ve the same problem…:(

      • I thought it was just me, but I also get this. I thought it was because I added the Google+1 button but it still happens when I have removed that. On some posts Like is clickable on others it isn’t

  3. Nice plugin, what format should I use when adding css to the fan box widget? I just want to center it in the sidebar.

    • No, that box is for styling what’s inside that widget, not the position of the widget on the page. To center it in your sidebar, you’d add styling to your theme.

      The widget itself is an iframe on the page, and so it needs separate CSS to be sent to Facebook for styling, since its content comes from Facebook servers.

  4. […] Simple Facebook Connect – Base […]

  5. Great plugins Otto. My issue is that once I have logged in, I don;t think the users need to see the connect with facebook bar any more. Could you add an option to hide after logged in?

  6. My App ID and API Key are the same number, but your program seems to want 2 separate numbers. What should I do?

    • Unless they recently changed things, those numbers are not the same. Go to and get the correct numbers for your application.

      • Seems they have changed things. When I look at my app it says “App ID/API Key” and one number.

        • Go to and get the right info. The App ID is not the same as the API key in my apps. And it certainly won’t work if you use the same numbers in both.

          If you can send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing, that might help.

          • Just to be clear. I installed your great plugin a couple of months ago and everything worked fine. Different App ID and different API key. But I suddenly noticed that posting to facebook didn’t work anymore.

            That’s when I saw that App ID and API Key are now the same.

            Here’s a screenshot (Values are masked, not sure if that was necessary)


            • As I’ve posted in several other places, just go to and get the right values.

              I don’t know where you’re seeing this combined value, but on that page, the values are not combined.

              • I’ve re-created the exact problem that Paul & Kenneth both mentioned.

                And I found the cause. It’s the web browser. I was using Chrome when I first witnessed the problem, which I normally use Chrome for everything, especially editing my wordpress site. Anyways, when I switched to Internet Explorer, the API key and API ID appeared as two distinctly separate values, as you described and as I’ve seen before, myself. I thought it was kinda odd that it Facebook’s Dev page was missing functions. I see now it’s a code compatibility issue between browser rendering engines. :)


                – Share & Enjoy -

                • Not exactly. FB’s new developers site doesn’t show the API key anymore. This is because they’re transitioning to a new system. SFC 1.0 will no longer require the API key field, just the AppID and the Secret.

        • i had the same problem, but i tried again after a while and i got 2 numbers. from the owner’s panel.

  7. I set up the plugin with all requested fields, but when I attempt to “connect with facebook” all I get is: “ERROR: Facebook user not recognized.” However, I am logged in to Facebook just fine. Any suggestions?

    • Log in normally, then go to Users->Your Profile and use the new button to connect your FB account to your WP account.

      • I have placed this widget in the TOP NAVIGATION section as the SOLE login method. The ‘Connect with Facebook’ button also appears on the logout page. Are you saying these links will not work?

        • They won’t work for users that the plugin doesn’t know about, no. You can’t have random strangers logging into your site, people logging in have to have a WP account, and if they want to connect via Facebook, then their WP account has to be connected to their FB account.

          “User not recognized” means that you have successfully connected with Facebook and the site, but there’s no user in WordPress to log you in as.

  8. If you have installed this plugin, please tell me if your API Key and App ID are exactly the same number. It’s under wp-admin>settings>simple facebook connect.

  9. I found the API Key on an obscure URL that I would never have found without google. It IS different in some cases.

  10. Hello Otto, Today it SFC like button stoped work, has Facebook changed anything. When I click Like I see a small box that says “Add Comment”. Do you know anything about this?

    • I’m having the same problem.

      After clicking like it says “you like this,” then the “add comment” box appears, and when I refresh the page it says no one has liked it yet

  11. i think this plugin in a can’t work properly, my live stream not working, like button unclikcable, facebook connect can not be used… Otto…whn i post my link to facebook, it can’t be attached, it just show the link, not a part of content suc as i post other website link, it works well. :(

    i’m so confused
    any solution about this otto ?

  12. Hey Otto. I’ve successfully installed the SFC in WordPress and have managed to get plugins like the Chicklet, Fan Box Widget, Like Button, etc., working OK. But the Upcoming Events Widget—the thing I REALLY want working—has me baffled. All I get is the END DATE of the last event on my Facebook Page. Any idea what I could be doing wrong? Cheers.

  13. Hi Otto,

    I’ve noticed that since a few days ago (may have been coincidental with upgrade to WP 3.2), all my “Like” buttons are not showing up with the number of recommendations, even though through the FB developer Linter, they are showing a non-zero number. Philip and David have also commented on this earlier in the comments. Also clicking the Like button briefly shows a “1”, which then disappears. Here’s a link to an example page:

    And here’s the Facebook linter showing 14 likes (as of today):

    Please advise, many thanks!


  14. Its showing this massage
    The base SFC plugin must be activated before this plugin will run.
    I am using wordpress 3.1.4

  15. Hello Otto,

    Is there a way that only users signed into facebook, twitter or registered users can leave comments? and also can they specify their website when logged in?

    Thanks :)

  16. I am not able to see the login facebook button, do i have to add a code to make it visible or something and i have successfully installed the plugin

  17. I can’t install it on new sites. It seems the API key has been removed from facebook apps…

  18. It seems we need to use the app id in place of the api_key, but the regexp that check theapi_key doesn’t allows it.

  19. Hello, I would love to be able to post events to my facebook from my wordpress blog. Is there a tutorial or example code? I am confused about how to use your plugin!

  20. when i post comment it showing wrong post even i dont have any plugin except it

  21. Greetings Otto,

    Thanks for making such a great a simple puglin! However, i’m struggling to get my like button to work. Not really sure if i’ve done anything wrong if you have a spare 5 minutes sometime would you mind taking a look?

    Kind Regards,

  22. Hey There!

    Just trying to change the width of the comments plugin, default is 500px.

    Thanks :)

  23. Hi – any idea when the future feature of pulling comments back into the blog from posts will be implemented? I have a client looking for that…
    Dan V

  24. Will the plugin effect my blog speed because the too many plugin in it. my question might sound silly to you but please do reply

  25. I have been using this plugin for awhile and everything has worked great until yesterday. i have a facebook page and when I click to publish to page I get this error message:

    Sorry, something went wrong.

    We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.

    Go Back
    Facebook © 2011 · Help

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin and can’t see to get it to work. Any ideas?

    • Having same issue. Trying to publish to fan page and getting exact error posted by maui family

    • I have the same error. I just think FB is borked as usual. Hope its fixed soon.

      • Hi, same problem here. Post on my wall still works. Post to my apps does not work anymore.

        • Same problem here for two days now. I can publish my posts to my Profile however I can not publish to my Fan Page. I updated to WordPress 3.2.1 so not sure if that upgrade broke SFC Publish or not. Facebook sucks and Google Plus is just starting out – hope it makes Facebook the new MySpace!

    • I’m suffering from same error. I hope it’s fixed soon. Let me know if you require any testing done.

    • Nothing to add except I am experiencing the same problems – at least I can no longer publish to fan page from an installation that once could publish, starting in the past few days. Error is the same.

      ps. Love the plug-ins, both this and twitter connect.

  26. Thanks for the details. Will install it right away.

  27. I’m getting this message too “Sorry, something went wrong”. …. worked before last upgrade to Version 3.2.1 … could that be the problem?

  28. I personnaly get the facebbok modal with the facebook logo and a link that can be translated to “access”. Facebook issue?

  29. Same problem as above: “I can publish my posts to my Profile however I can not publish to my Fan Page.” WP 3.2.1, SFC 0.25

    • Yep, same problem here. Can publish to FB profile, but not to fan page.

      For those having problems with the like button not working, lint the url first and it should work after.

      • The plugin publishes to Fan Pages just fine. We use SFC-Publish on to publish to this Fan Page:

        See those posts from the blog? Specifically the latest 3.2.1 post? SFC-Publish auto-published those. So we know it works. When it breaks, it will be *really* obvious.

        • Clearly something has changed for some of us as there seems to be quite a few people started having this problem all at once. Publishing to profile but not to fan page. No idea what this could be? Issue does not exist?

  30. hi otto

    this plugin has been working great for months but yesterday it stopped connecting to facebook. After reading many posts, and googling etc it seems that it stopped working when I changed my FB email address and that that breaks the session or something. That’s the only thing I did on either the blog or fb, so I presume it must be related. What is happening now is that I can use the plugin to publish to my profile but it will not publish to the application which for me is why I wanted the plugin. When I click on publish to application I get a fb box that says:
    Sorry, something went wrong.
    We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.
    Go Back

    I changed my email back to what it was but that made no difference, I’ve logged out, cleared caches, logged in, tried everything I can think of and finally left it overnight, and this morning when I went into the settings again I had to click on the offline permission and publish permission buttons again (they were previously greyed out) and then got the message: User ID and Session Key found! Automatic publishing is ready to go! which I thought meant it was ok again but I tried to publish a post to my application again it gives me the same “sorry…” message.

    I think I read on WP that you said that problems with that box has to do with the javascript and not the plugin specifically, but that button is in the plugin and the only way I can publish to my application so if it’s going to be a problem every time someone changes their email address and breaks the session or whatever it is, is there something you can do to help me get it working again? At the moment I can do nothing but publish to profile which I do not want to do, and I can’t use your wonderful plugin which has been brilliant to date. Thanks for your help.

  31. actually after reading the above comments, I think my email changing is just a coincidence…

  32. Hey Otto, as you can see on your own website, “Connect with Facebook” doesn’t work

    FB_RequireFeatures <– is the culprit (I guess FB removed this?) it says it's undefined. Will there be a fix any time soon by any chance?

    • Hi Dan. As you can see, it *does* work on my site, as I logged in with Facebook just to leave you this response.

      FB_RequireFeatures is no longer in the SFC plugin at all. See, on this site, I’m using the newer 0.999 version, which you can find here:

      This new branch is the only one in active development. All work on 0.25 and previous has ceased.

      • Hi Samuel

        I have upgraded to v0.999 and when I try to publish to Fan Pages I get the three animated scrolling blocks (see here, whilst publishing to my own personal Wall works fine. I’m not saying this is an SFC problem, but there IS a problem somewhere as this has been working fine for ages until a few days ago. Now I have to post links to my blog manually on my FB fan page instead of just from WP.

        Appreciate any thoughts you may have on this.



        • That frame and its contents come from Facebook. The plugin isn’t generating the “scrolling blocks”, Facebook is. So what’s happening is simple: Facebook is broken. Nothing I can do about that.

          • I’m sorry to ask, but Samuel, you mean that this version: isn’t actually the latest, stable one? If I try to replace the code in the plugins in wordpress I get errors over errors. Not to be picky, but wouldn’t it be better to publish the actual, active version instead of leaving the code somewhere (haven’t found any other hint than yours mentioned above) and to find it by chance and to get it maybe to work?

            I like this plugin a lot and would like to start / continue to work with it, so please make a release out of the actual version that all the users receive in their worpress a notification and can use the “real version”. Maybe the last discussed error (that publishing to facebook-pages doesn’t work anymore) disappears with it and nothing more to worry about for many users.

            Thank you very much!

            • Because the 0.999 version is still missing a lot of stuff. Basically, it’s a total rewrite of the plugin using all the newer Facebook code and it still is unfinished. It’ll be done before September, but that’s about the best I can say. It’s not really suitable for use by non-techies yet.

              As for the not-publishing-to-Fanpage error, this is an error *on Facebook’s side*. There’s very little I can do about it. What’s more, switching to 0.999 won’t fix it, because it’s not a error in the plugin.

              Look, Facebook *breaks things*. They do it all the time. The error where you have those boxes coming up? That whole iframe, it’s javascript, the boxes, everything, comes directly from Facebook. That is your browser talking directly to Facebook. It doesn’t use any code from the plugin whatsoever. How can the plugin be the problem when the plugin isn’t even running?

              Known issues: If you set up Facebook to always use HTTPS, that can break it. If you use the new “Use Facebook as FanPage” feature, that’ll break it. If you turn off the “Always comment and post on your page as FanPage, even when using Facebook as Your Username.” setting on the Fan Page’s Edit Info screen, that’ll break it. But these are all issues with Facebook’s code. I can’t fix them. So complaining to me that it doesn’t work is like shouting at the moon… It’s just not going to get you anywhere.

              I get that you’re having problems. You need to understand that I am helpless here, and totally unable to fix those problems, because I don’t work for Facebook.

            • BTW, if you do want to upgrade to 0.999, then delete the old version first completely. 0.999 no longer uses multiple-plugins, so you will get errors if you attempt to just overwrite. These errors are benign though, as it’s just deactivating the old multiple plugins which now no longer exist.

              • Where can I download 0.999, I’m willing to give her a go.


              • Hi Otto, thank you very much for your explanation. I really appreciate your work and you gave me and others now a clue what is actually going on. BTW I tried what you mentioned (to delete all files and install the new ones) and that works (but doesn’t fix facebooks problem).

                Thanks and sorry for bothering you instead of the initiator of the problems. Keep up the good work!

        • I am getting this now too with SFC 0.999. In the previous version I was getting the “sorry something went wrong” message. In this one it doesn’t connect at all with publish to application, just the animated blocks as simon described. Posting to profile is OK still.

  33. After upgrading WP to 3.2.1 (from 3.0) I now get this:

    Sorry, something went wrong.

    We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.

    Facebook or WP3.2.1?


    • Same for me, same message, same errors as described above several times.

      “Sorry, something went wrong.

      We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.”

      When I try to publish to a facebook fan-page. To profile Page seems to work.

      Is this a facebook or plugin message?

      Please Otto, give me (us) some feedback for this. Thanks in advance.

  34. I am using the SFC – Fan Box Widget and it works great. The only thing is that I get duplicate thumbnails of the same fan from time to time. Any ideas?

    Thanks – Samm

  35. Facebook has a developer forum and a bug tracker. Problems should be looked for there.

    The “Stream Publish” is currently broken for Fan Pages. That’s the popup box so many of you are having problems with. Their bug trackers on it are here:

    If you look in their forum, you’ll find hundreds of people complaining about the Like button being broken. Most of these people are *not* using SFC, they’re using Facebook’s own code or other systems. Check it out here:

    SFC doesn’t actually do a heck of a lot of stuff. Mostly it does reformatting of your posts and content into things that Facebook wants. It implements Facebook’s code and puts a nicer interface on it. That’s really *all* it does. It doesn’t create the Fan Box. It doesn’t create the Like Button. It certainly doesn’t create the Facebook popup publisher box. All it does is to include Facebook’s code (from Facebook’s servers mind you), and then to generate the necessary code to make Facebook do things like show a Fan Box or show a like button or popup a publisher dialog.

    Any time the actual functionality of any of these things is broken, then there’s is ZERO I can do to fix it. Seriously, it’s broken for *everybody*. I can’t fix Facebook’s problems on Facebook’s servers and in Facebook’s code. I just implement their API, nothing more. I’m just as frustrated with their crap as all of you are. The difference is that I know that it’s not my code causing the problem, and I complain *to Facebook*. Which is what all of you should be doing too.

    So I’m sorry to everybody, but these are simply not things I can fix. They’re broken for everybody equally. Instead of getting annoyed at me, maybe you should get annoyed at Facebook. Maybe you should complain to them. That’s what I do.

    • Hey Otto,

      I think I speak for most people here when I say we are very appreciative of your work with this plugin. You have made your point very clear about Facebook’s failings and the separation between what is a Facebook problem versus a plugin problem.
      If everyone bothered to read the comments before posting their own you would not be bombarded with the same questions over and over.
      Might I suggest a Facebook API status (working or not working) or perhaps a link to Facebook’s own platform status if such a thing exists. You could put this in the plugin options page as a link or a graphic indication so we could go and see if Facebook is having issues which would help us self diagnose a problem.
      Just an idea, Thanks again.

      • Hi Otto, thank you very much for your explanation. It clears things up and helps to understand what is actually going on with the plugin and why some problems occurred because of facebook.

  36. Hi Otto,

    I am attempting to use your comment addon so people can comment with their facebook accounts, however, I am trying to show those pages in a Facebook app. The issue seems to arise with Simple Facebook Connect Base. SFC base when activated doesn’t allow for the facebook resize code to function for pages taller than 800px. Is there a special way to get that to work?

    • I don’t even understand the question here. SFC has no code to deal with “sizing” of any kind. Your question makes no sense.

      • Facebook offers code to resize the i frame that they use when displaying an app on their site. I was saying that when the Simple Facebook Connect Base is activated SFC base prevents the javascript that resizes the iframe from executing.

        I am sorry that I was not clear.

  37. Your plugin rocks. I used your plugin for my first wordpress site(2 years old) and faced no problem whatsoever, though the facebook platform gets down sometime. Now I have added buddypress to my site. And there is login in the sidebar but no facebook login. It would be great to add buddypress feature in your next update.

  38. I’m having some minor issues with the SFC-Like Button. The functionality works on older posts, but our two most recent posts it gives an “Error” remark after trying to like the post. I can go to other posts and it works fine.

    An example of a page it’s not working on is:

    An example of a page it is working on is:

    What would cause this discrepancy?

  39. Great work and seems like a lot of support. I have read over this page a million times and others too, yet cannot figure out how to get the facebook profile picture to display when someone post a comment. I have the connect with facebook working and the sfc-login and sfc-register. It will create a user and when I go into the admin dashboard of wordpress I see the facebook profile pic as the avatar. Yet on my list of comments it does not display the avatar, only the generic mystery man. In my functions.php file I appear to be calling the avatar like this:

    / Produces an avatar image with the hCard-compliant photo class
    function commenter_link() {
            $commenter = get_comment_author_link();
            if ( ereg( '<a[^>]* class=[^>]+>', $commenter ) ) {
                    $commenter = ereg_replace( '(<a[^>]* class=[\'"]?)', '\\1url ' , $commenter );
            } else {
                    $commenter = ereg_replace( '(<a )/', '\\1class="url "' , $commenter );
            $avatar_email = get_comment_author_email();
            $avatar = str_replace( "class='avatar", "class='photo avatar", get_avatar( $avatar_email, 80 ) );
            echo $avatar . ' <span class="fn n">' . $commenter . '</span>';
    } // end commenter_link

    I am using a custom theme that I made from following a step by step tutorial online. I read in many post that the get_avatar() needed to be changed because the e-mail was not enough to get the image. So I tried putting $user_ID yet it still does not show the avatars next to the comments. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated I have been trying to figure this one out all week.

  40. When I try to use the “Publish on Fan Page” button on an existing blog entry all I’m getting is a “We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.”-Facebook Error.

    But when I enable “auto publishing” and I edit one of my blog entries or create a new one everything works perfect :/ Am I doing something wrong?

  41. 2 questions (killer plubin by the way)

    1. After publishing a post, the Facebook Publisher meta box just says:

    “If you can see this, then there is some form of problem showing you the Facebook publishing buttons. This may be caused by a plugin conflict or some form of bad javascript on this page. Try reloading or disabling other plugins to find the source of the problem.”

    I deactivated all plugins with no success. I’m hosting on the rackspace cloude.

    2. trying to Fan Page Publish Permissions just pops open a window at facebook with an “under construction” error like:

    ABC Company is under construction. Please try again later.
    To fix this error, please set your Connect URL in the application settings editor. Once it has been set, users will be redirect to that URL instead of this page after logging in.

  42. Nice work Otto… However using this comment form on your site, I logged in using Facebook and as a result the name and email fields disappeared. When I came to make this post the comments form errored asking for a name/ email.

    This obviously couldnt be provided as I was already logged in via FB.

    What is the problem with that?

  43. I’m just looking for the documentation on the plug-in so that I can better understand what each option does. I didn’t activate all of them but as I went to send (or whatever you call it) a blog post for the first time to Facebook I saw that I have 2 options on my Edit page-(1) publish to your FB application and (2) publish to your FB profile and I’m not sure what the diff is. Thanks:-)

  44. It seems that the like button defaults to “standard” when i manually insert the like function into the theme. how can i manually insert it at the same time get the “Box with counter” look.

    I tried “Before the content of your post” with “Box with counter”, works perfectly. not so with “Manually add the button to your theme or posts (use the sfc_like_button function in your theme)”

  45. is there a way to take the “Connect with Facebook” button and place it anywhere on the website? (the header, footer for i.e.)?? Or is it just possible to have the button in the sidebar??

  46. Hi Otto!

    I have a problem with the translation process of the application. I did all the work, I have the .po and .mo files but now I do not know where to put them or as I call them.
    I’ve tried sfc-es,sfc-es-ES, etc. and nothing.
    What the hell am I doing wrong?

    Sorry for my bad english and thanks for your great and useful plugin.

    • It’s looking for “sfc-$locale”. So “” in the main SFC directory would be the correct name.

      • Thanks :D

        I have reviewed the problem and it seems that “poedit” has generated some errors when I saved the file. Now everything is fine:)

        Thank you for your quick help!


  47. Hey– I love your plugins, but the last few days I’ve had some issues with them. Right now, my Facebook Simple Connect page is returning the error “Facebook doesn’t like your settings, it says: Session does not match current stored session. This may be because the user changed the password since the time the session was created or Facebook has changed the session for security reasons.” I did change my password a few days ago, but I can’t figure what to do to fix this. I’ve gone to both the app and page on Facebook just fine.

    Thanks for any help, I appreciate it.

  48. Is there an option to disable the “I Like” button on any pages like the imprint?
    With custom fields meybe?

  49. I am using the current travel bloggers theme which should be 3.2 compatible but the FB connect comment function doenst work (works twenty eleven). In Chrome “connect with facebook” is just an unclickable text, in firefox its a link and i can connect, but the form doenst change its? looks and the connect with facebook lik just reappears.
    the travel bloggers theme uses the comment_form() code.
    What could be the issue here? Any idea where to look into here

  50. Hi Otto!

    Do you anticipate adding widgets that display Facebook friends, and one to display the latest connected users?

    I really like these features included in this Wpress Viral Tool plugin, gives a nice sense of community to sites.

    Thanks! I love SFC