Tried to install a local Apache this morning and couldn’t get it to start. Turned out Skype was the problem. Matt apparently encountered this years ago, but I never really started using Skype until lately.

Anyway, it still happens. But there’s a simple fix.

Go to the Tools->Options menu. In there, find the Advanced->Connections tab. Turn off the option to use port 80 and 443. These are there to allow Skype to try to get through firewalls. They also, incidentally, block Apache from starting since it can’t grab the port it wants.

Just a heads up in case anybody else encounters the problem.



  1. I have the same problem! Ny solution is: start Apache BEFORE Skype!

  2. Doh, sometimes simple solutions work best. I’ve always gone in and changed the port apache uses from 80 to to 8080! Wish you’d posted this a week ago… I’ve just had to reset things up again with a new PC.

  3. I am not an expert in programming .Because of my ignorance I am not getting the actual Idea of this post. Is it related to wordpress?

    • Yes and no. In developing for WP, it helps to set up a local website installation. I use XAMPP to do this, and this was a problem I encountered when trying to setup XAMPP on a system with Skype on it.

  4. […] So now this exists, and it can now provide more juice to other similarly helpful posts such as Apache and Skype from Otto, which I ran into after being amazed at the other several hundred word tutorials. […]

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